The Sustainable Kingston Plan

Kingston has a vision: Kingston – Canada’s Most Sustainable City. A sustainable community is a place where people want to live and work; it meets the needs of its citizens, now and in the future. It is sensitive to the environment and reaches a higher quality of life.

The Sustainable Kingston Plan is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). It is based on the cultural, ecnomic, social, and environmental pillars of sustainability (See Four Pillars). 

The Sustainable Kingston Plan was developed by the FOCUS Kingston Steering Committee based on extensive input from from individuals, municipal government, Kingston institutions, businesses and community organizations. 

The Sustainable Kingston Plan serves to help us move towards sustainability in several ways:

  • It reflects Kingstonians' desire to foster a sense of community ownership, stewardship, community resilence and self-sufficiency, now and in the future
  • It expresses our willingness to be specific about how we preserve, bolster, utilize and protect our cultural, economic, environmental and social resources so they will be enjoyed by future generations
  • It acknowledges the Kingston community's profound concern with the current management of the Earth's natural and human resources
  • It demonstrates our intention to become an example to other Canadian communities as they seek to become more sustainable

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